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To this project at a large home built in the 1980's, Ragnar applied the highest level of aesthetic impact, elegant design, and opulent materials to culminate in a sleek, unique style that resonates through the entire home. He took his time selecting the appropriate materials and accessories to complement the combination of the modern smooth lines and the rustic and industrial texture of the brick wall. The result is at once sophisticated, urban, and individualistic.


This project, a charming apartment built in the 1920's, had loads of original charm. Ragnar transforms the antiquated 1920s space into a sturdy and livable contemporary rustic dwelling with a light hand, taking care to let the classic beauty shine through. He injects an inviting and warm personality into the process by using soft expressions of detail and taking inspiration from the building's original ornate construction. 

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The Diamond Lounge is an upscale venue which offers a cafe atmosphere during the day and a luxurious bar and lounge vibe at night. The lounge side was designed with tasteful gold accents and blue-lit focal points and art, The design balances upscale grandeur with soft, seductive colors and materials, providing a comfortable and modern experience for patrons. 


This luxurious apartment design was approached with a strong emphasis on aesthetics and elegance. The luminous gold accents contrast beautifully with the subtle beige, wood-like vein of the marble. The injection of gold enhances the overall feel of the home, and greatly elevates the kitchen space. 

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To this villa kitchen, Ragnar added a mix of subtle and sleek metallic elements to enhance an incredibly luxe, yet earthy flow. The elegance flows outward, from the center of the kitchen to the walls. 


To create this sleek and bold modern kitchen, Ragnar chose exotic and muted wood and metallic textures and natural colors, with a vintage, complementary orange for the retro-style appliances. This space crates an elegant and earthy vibe.

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